Private online course

Funk in Focus is a philosophy built on making space for creative expression through the use of traditional African American artforms known as Boogaloo, Robottin, Struttin and Popping.


We focus on all things funky one solo at a time. 


  • Building Self Confidence + Identity

  • Researching & preserving African American culture of movement and music 

  • Music empathy + building a relationship with music

  • Applications + creative thinking 

  • Personal stories & experiences 

enrollment & PRICES


1 MONTH / 4 TIMES - $200

DROP INS - $60



1) Choose an educator (Ryan/Rashaad)

2) Send an email to to register

3) Film a solo +  write a description of your goals and send it to the educator.

For questions and registration send to

Online Group sessions

Online group sessions are pop up workshops that occur twice a month. These classes are usually 1,5 hour of length and costs $30.

This is a chance for you to learn as a community and connect with other dancers. 

Stay updated on the next online group session by following us on Instagram and Facebook.


“I find most joy in sharing information to witness people’s minds expand. To see the info transfer from their heads to their creative voices in movement music or applied to anything for that matter is beautiful. 


That moment after Christmas when you’re eager to show all of your friends the new toys you all got. Some folks are stingy some are sharing but all in all everyone is passing info and playing. Yea learning and teaching is like that. That’s how I approach teaching and learning like passing gifts to each other.” 


“When my brother and I were little we used to create and go on adventures together. From WWF re-enactments that drove our parents crazy to our forts that we used as war battle posts. It was our place of freedom, imagination,  joy, & being ourselves. 


I feel what's beautiful about teaching is once again finding that inner child. The moment when a student finds that spark of excitement, inspiration & feels their own super powers is a beautiful thing. For them to find liberation, new thoughts/movement, & to continue transforming into an elevated version of who they already are is what I strive to accomplish as an educator.“

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