Ryan webb

Ryan “Future” Webb is the Education Director for Urban Artistry Inc., a cultural ambassador for multiple forms of urban dance, and a community leader within the global urban dance scene. Mentoring all ages, creating curriculum, conducting dance research, cultural exchange, battling, performing, lecturing, community building, preservation, and innovation are some of the core values that he actively participates in. Ryan’s dance disciplines include Boogaloo/Popping, Memphis Jookin, London Locking, Hip Hop, Breakin, and House Dance. Mentored by Rashaad Pearson and Junious Brickhouse, his dance lineage and influence also includes gentleman such as Damon Frost, Steen Koerner, Thomas Herodt, Lock Smith, and Dr. Rico. Taught to be 3-dimensional, culturally driven, and fearless as an artist; Ryan has innovated and inspired others in multiple styles of movement such as Tutting, Popping Ground Dance, Memphis Jookin, Struttin’, Fusion, Freestyle Applications, and Routine Work. Throughout his career as a dance professional, his art has brought him to various countries such as Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden, France, England, Germany, Canada, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and all over the United States.


Born and raised in Harlem/Queens New York City, Rashaad Hasani Pearson grew up watching many urban dance forms in music videos, his neighborhood and at family parties. Through his parents he would listen to a variety of music, things like Funk - Soul - Latin - R&B - Disco. His interest in music would lead him to singing in choirs from elementary school to high school. During his childhood music and dance was a thing to do culturally but not a conscious education being taught to each other. When he moved to the Washington D.C. Metro area in 2003, he would find a community of local artist and practicing crews who would meet to session at the DC/Baltimore PopShop. This was the second phase of education in Urban Dance guided by members of The Boogie Knightz a local Popping and Locking crew in which he later became a member. In 2005 Rashaad’s focus shifted to a wider understanding when he would meet his mentor and friend Junious “House” Brickhouse who shared his life long experiences with the urban dance community and the importance of preserving culture, thinking smarter, loyaltly and being a fearless artist driven by pushing the envelope through courageous steps of trying new things. With Junious’s guidance Rashaad learned rapidly, picking up history of styles and how to apply them, the importance of honoring the cultures of communities, to be selfless and give back the same way he had received information and just to be good to people. Rashaad would move on to become a member of The Assassins - Warriors of Light and Lead Artistic Director of Urban Artistry. Rashaad serves as an ambassador to his community, a father, traditionalist, innovator, mentee, mentor and educator. 

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