Funk in focus

Funk In Focus took form in 2005, taking from personal practice techniques and applications taught from mentor Junious “House” Brickhouse. Funk in Focus became a system of balancing natural movement and technique. How many ways can we box an artist in by using situational applications and drills in order for you to create possibilities? This will allow your mind and body to explore simultaneously.

We also honor the traditions of the various communities of Boogalooing/Popping that come before us as culture is of importance in the system; building off of fundamental movement and terminology. Equally as important and very much a tradition in Boogalooing/Popping, is carrying on the tradition of being yourself. We all know the saying “practice makes perfect” but we find that when you spend time putting thought behind your movement, you can build quality perfect practices. The goal is to become cultured 3-dimensional movers.


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